Christopher Doyle Architects has acquired a reputation for fine luxury residential architecture. Solutions reflect both context and program, whilst working closely with individual clients and top-end developers to achieve outcomes that are characterised by a passion for excellence.

    Solutions display versatility, inventiveness and adaptability, whilst exploring the practical possibilities of implementing an architecture that is historically informed, humane and above all lasting.

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    Great emphasis is placed on composition, detailing, and the use of enduring materials. We are demanding to ensure all projects are realised with exceptional workmanship. Whilst we reject the idea of a signature style, we do however feel each project should be unique, tailored to its setting and to the preferences of our clients.

    Over the past 15 years what has emerged is a body of work that is quietly robust. It represents an articulate voice that is grounded in a rigorous understanding of both architectural traditions and the complexity of modern construction.

    The work demonstrates both a seriousness and a respect for enduring outcomes, but is in no way old fashioned; it is rather in tune with our heartfelt desire for authenticity.